The good news is NO!

So why do you find yourself wearing your glasses more and more?
Why have you returned to your optometrist only to find that you need your glasses to be made stronger and stronger?

There can be a few reasons

  1. Presbyopia
    Normal age-related changes to the lens inside your eye make it harder and harder to focus on detail, initially at a close range such as reading and computer screens. This process occurs to everyone. Eventually, the changes will plateau but, in the meantime, our job is to keep you comfortable. We do this by prescribing the best lens to suit your prescription and circumstances.
  2. Myopia progression
    This is a condition that causes distant objects to be out of focus. In some cases, especially in children, short-sightedness can progress. We know a lot more about myopia now and our optometrists are trained in the latest assessment techniques and have access to the very latest technology to reduce the progression of myopia.
  3. Cataract
    A cataract is the term used to describe the changes that occur when the lens inside your eye becomes smokey and cloudy. The changes are caused by age, UV exposure and toxins in our systems over a lifetime. Often lenses cause changes in prescription and can vary from reducing some people’s prescription, inducing astigmatism or increasing their prescription. Ultimately, the lens will be removed to allow for clear vision again.