Welcome to our FAQ page, where we’ve compiled answers to your most common questions.

  • How often should I have my eyes examined?

    Once every two years although more frequently if advised by your optometrist.

  • Why do my eyes have to be regularly tested?

    Vision changes naturally over time. Regular eye tests can also detect eye disease early as well as other health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • How long will my appointment take?

    Between thirty minutes and an hour.

  • What do I have to bring to my appointment?

    Any glasses you currently wear or have worn in the past, along with your health fund card. If you wear contact lenses, please bring your prescription or the packaging.

  • Why do you want to know about my lifestyle and family history?

    Knowing your interests and work requirements allows us to find solutions that suit your visual profile. Your family history is important helping us correctly diagnose vision problems and eye diseases.

  • Can I claim my consultation fee on medicare?

    Yes, consultation fees can be claimed on medicare. Retinal photography and OCT scans incur an additional cost.